Sabertooth Bear

General Information

The Sabertooth Bear is a large mammal. Weighing from 770lb to 1550lb. Males and females are virtually indistinguishable. All Sabertooth Bears have a sleek coat of fur, massive fangs, retractable tusks, and distinctive brown and red markings. It is considered one of the most dangerous marks a hunter can take on. Hunters consider it a great accomplishment to hunt and kill a Sabertooth Bear alone.

Diet, mating and other habits

Despite their position near the top the food chain in most habitats, the Sabertooth Bear eats a balanced diet mainly consisting of red meat, fish, tubers and roots, fruits, and in some cases wood. The Sabertooth Bear is capable of digesting almost anything it eats and is known to devour the fur and bones of animals it kills as well as the equipment of hunters. Sabertooth Bears are solitary animals, with the exception of their mating season when they form packs. During this time the Sabertooth Bears become extremely volatile. Hunters call this the season of death, as encountering a pack of frenzied bears is sure to result in one’s demise.

Origins and history

The planet Sabertooth Bears originally evolved on has been lost. Because of the prestige hunters may gain by killing it. The bear is present in most high-class hunting reserves. Zoos also hold this animal in high regard as is considered one of the most dangerous common animals in the known universe.

Sabertooth Bear

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