Emperor Entertainment

General information

The Emperor entertainment group is one of the largest entertainment corporations in the universe. They own a multitude of entertainment complexes, TV networks, and websites. They are also one of the largest producers of movies, video games, and cyberspace virtual-reality programs. Emperor entertainment complexes are present on almost all of the universes Metropolis Worlds

Legal controversies

The Emperor entertainment group has always been on the forefront of controversial entertainment technologies. They were one of the first corporations to make extremely graphic and realistic cyberspace virtual-reality programs available to the masses. They also drew fire for some of the controversial ways they attempted to work AI into cyberspace programming. The most recent controversy they have caused of involves a new medical procedure called Brain Tapping.


Emperor entertainment first appeared on the Metropolis World Colony One founded by Joseph Lott. A man so taken with himself he adopted the moniker “The Emperor”. He would later pass the name on to the Corporation.

Emperor Entertainment

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