•  Jim Marcus

    Jim Marcus

    A young hacker working for The Dude
  • (Mau) Mautrylic Baytt

    (Mau) Mautrylic Baytt

    Mau is an Adhalvyn that has oddly wandered away from his home planet.
  • Alexia Stillwell

    Alexia Stillwell

    After reaching the top of her field, she left the corporate world work to work for The Dude.
  • F'erisl S'stylakn

    F'erisl S'stylakn

    F'erisl "F'eri-wings" S'stylakn is a close-combat specialist of the Vysian race, quick and intelligent. She is generally nice, but her enemies wish her blades were smaller.
  • Fenki Tarshi

    Fenki Tarshi

    Fenki Tarshi a short thrill-seeking female a part of the sub-species of the Vysian race
  • Lucy


    The most dangerous woman in the universe.
  • Meizya


    loves jellybeans
  • The Dude

    The Dude

    The Dude is a man of the universe. Crime boss, brutal killer and philanthropist are just a few of the words people have used to describe him.
  • Tyler Roman

    Tyler Roman

    Tyler, The Dudes brother. Was killed as the result of a tragic misunderstanding.
  • Xavier Hendrix

    Xavier Hendrix

    A former cyber terrorist working for The Dude to atone for past crimes