Xavier Hendrix

A former cyber terrorist working for The Dude to atone for past crimes


General hacking D8, military tech hacking D8, cyber terrorism D8, defensive martial arts D10, small energy weapons D10.


Hendrix grew up on a small colony planet at the edge of a backwater galaxy. Despite a loving and stable upbringing he fell in with a group of terrorists operating under the guise of changing the universe for the better. They practice this by terrorizing large totalitarian groups and those who followed them. Regardless of whether these followers truly understood what they were participating in or had just been sucked in by the rhetoric. During a raid on the massive and mysterious group known as The Inquisition Hendrix was captured and believed dead. The truth of this next part could be called into question. The story goes Hendrix was able to free himself from an Inquisition prison ship destroying the ship in the process. He returned to his old organization expecting a heroes welcome. He initially resumed working for them but his time in prison and his daring escape had opened his eyes and he was no longer blind to the damage this group really inflicted on the universe. This realization nearly killed him and he spent the next years in the slums of the Metropolis worlds. The Dude recently met with Hendrix and offered him an opportunity to atone for his past life by working for The Dude’s organization.

Xavier Hendrix

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