Age 25
Height 6’2”
Weight 196 lbs.
Short black hair and eyes as blue as the azure sky.
He wears a black button-up shirt with two breast pockets, snug fitting black cargo jeans, a black leather jacket with front and shoulder pockets that is almost always half zipped up, running shoes with thick soles, and a pack that contains some stuff. His revolver and modified pistol are in holsters underneath his jacket and special blade strapped to the side of his left thigh. He wears a universal translator ear clip on his left ear and a communicator ear clip on his right ear. Also, wears multifunction contact lens.

Munitions, special munitions, interchangeable barrel rifle, barrel lengths (short, medium, long, mounted length), silencer, and sniper mount.

Strength (D6)
Agility (D8)
Health (D8)
Perception (D10)
Knowledge (D12)
People skills (D20)

Magic (Angelic)
Wind (D12)


Tret grew up on a planet where humanoid creatures such as himself were small prey for the much larger and far more numerous creatures. He grew up with a gun always in hand (sharpshooting D8) and learned to survive (D10) and hunt (D10). However even the smaller creatures, when compared with the predators, were fierce and as a result he learned how to fight (Close Combat D12) and how to dominate creatures (D12). Eventually he left the planet and became a free lancer. Working odd job he eventually got his own ship (Pilot D20) and picked up a few skills while on the job. [Escape Artist (D20), Lock picking (D20)]

Kraddo is Tret’s lizard pet. He acquired him on his home world. Her scales as hard as any quenched and tempered metal. Her tail as long as her body from head to where it connects at the rear. Can become invisible and her saliva caries a potent poison that takes affect immediately after contact. She is also capable of opening her mouth a full 180 degrees, so that she may be able to bite even the colossal creatures that inhabit her home world. Lastly she and Tret are both very strong because the gravity on their home world is greater than most. Thus, giving them great strength and agility.


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