loves jellybeans


Perception(d6), Agility(d8), Health(d8), People Skills(d10), Knowledge(d12), Strength(d20)

He was an Archaeologist(d8) and is skilled with any energy gun(d10). He has electronic lock picking capabilities(d10) and some knife/combat training background(d12). He some experience while growing up in setting and starting dangerous/non-dangerous fires/explosions(d20). He also knows how to filter and purify water(d12). He is somewhat skilled with his grappling hook(20). Rock climbing/Parkour (d20). Native tongue(d10)


Species: Garouk
His planet is very dry and lacks vegetation. Water is hard to find on his planet so he can go awhile without water. He is not built for cold weather and dislikes rain.
Dislikes Cyborgs <3>s: Wears long coat(water-proof) over light armor has hood up on most occasions.Communication device, basic first aid kit, 2 advanced lighters (one slightly damaged), electronics locking picking equipment, Gun & holster, Dried meat, light armor, knives(hidden), and a bag of Jelly Beans.


Bounty Hunter III Avili