(Mau) Mautrylic Baytt

Mau is an Adhalvyn that has oddly wandered away from his home planet.


Agility(d6), Health(d8), strength(d8), Perception(d10), Knowledge(12), People Skills(d20).

Mau has acrobatic skills at a high level(d8), from lots of practice since he was a child. Being at the level his community is at, he has learned to survival in the wild and to hunt(both at d10.) Along with this came the skill to craft/make any item that isn’t overly complicated with his hands, like clothes, food, stone tools, and such(d12). With a little practice within the large foreign communities and surround forest he has also picked up the skill of parkour(d12). Being from a technophobic race, he has an adversion to high quality healing, or only knows how to deal with minor cuts and scraps, or how to reset a bone(d20). He also is good with animals, being surrounded by Persi, an animal similar to a large cat, as he grew up(d20). Adhalvyn’s have no fighting skills known to them specifically, only what foreign people bring in, and even then very few learn them. Because of this, he only really knows how to throw a punch and dodge, relying on his strength to do the work for him(20).


Physical description: Mau is 19 years old, male Adhalvyn. He is five feet tall exactly, and weigh’s eighty-two pounds. His body is thin and lithe, but very strong. His skin is a dark brown with a gray tint to it, like all of his race tends to be, and his eyes are a bright orange. His hair is a dark brown, layered around his face and ends at the nape of his neck.

Personality description: Mau is mute, caused by an accident as a child, and as such, even though he could talk through sign language, he prefers not to talk to people at all. Being an Adhalvyn he is a technophobe, the only piece of electron he will carry with him is a universal translator. Thankfully, he does not also have aquaphobia, like most of his kind does, but he does not know how to swim, as Adhalvyn’s live no where near big bodies of water. Because of his lack of real interaction with the outside world, Mau is curious and easily confused. Mau is also a pacifist, preferring not to fight unless his life is directly threatened. Also, after every trip Mau takes some where he likes to pick up a gift and send it back home to his parents.

Clothing and items: Mau, during the day, is always wearing his goggles, to protect his eyes from the rays of the sun. He wears, oddly enough, a long leather jacket with a hood, that is also up during the day, and fur on the cuffs, hood, and bottom of jacket. To cover his feet he has sturdy brown hiking boots.
For items, since the day he has left home, he carries a small travelling bag with a spare change of clothes, some food supplies, his pocket knife and his universal translator. On his hip, hidden by his coat, is a specially designed short blade, with a hook at the tip of it on the opposite side of the blade.

(Mau) Mautrylic Baytt

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