jack is a adventureing around the world looking for lost item. any miths he hears he would be like “let’s go!” jack use a p90 as his main wepon a 9mm for back up and a wierd blade that was a hift form a other race alled the molemen. he weres a suit that block out poisn air bug bites all of that. but jack’s suit can not take a bullt or it would go pop. jacks stats are. agile(d8) str(d20) perceptive(d10) people (12) know of the worlds (d8) lunk (d30) health (d6) jack’s skill’s. survival (d8) animal empathy (d10) antidotology (d10) medic vi (d12) comprehention (d12) gun skill (d12) killing blow (d20)


jack is seraching for a might power he can take or if it is a gift even better.


Bounty Hunter III dripblood