F'erisl S'stylakn

F'erisl "F'eri-wings" S'stylakn is a close-combat specialist of the Vysian race, quick and intelligent. She is generally nice, but her enemies wish her blades were smaller.


F’eri is incredibly perceptive(d6), she is also quite agile(d8) and is proud of her people skills(d8), possibly having something to do with her attractiveness. She is fairly strong(d10), though somewhat frail(d20). She has normal knowledge of the universe she lives in(d12).

She is a Kiftthi’ku master, or almost(d8) and prides herself in her throwing capabilities(d10). She of course speaks Vysian, her native tongue(d10), and she is quite good at moving silently(d10) − an excellent compliment to her martial art. She has a very good memory(d12). She is also fairly good at breaking and entering(d12), and is interested in making people look attractive(d20). She learned some bar-tending skills(d20), to the great delight of her teacher, and finally, she enjoys being able to make a multitude of odd sounds(d20). F’eri is able to set an object she is touching as a focal point, and instantly teleport to anywhere within a certain distance of that object, no matter where she is in relation to it(d12).

F’eri carries very little. She has on her two very large (40cm blade, 15cm handle), curved, two-level, serrated knives − one at each hip. A small pistol on her lower back, and a bag of heavy yet small disks. She also carries a roll of soft wraps which she uses to wrap her sensitive hands when necessary. She wears a pair of light, flat shoes. Of the two beads in her hair, the blue top one is a panoramic video, audio recorder, and VI, and the bottom green one is a universal translator − which she prefers to keep off if at all possible. Recently F’eri purchased some more normal clothing to wear so she won’t stand out as much. She also purchased some Von Waz clothing.


F’erisl S’stylakn is a Vysian, a human-like alien that has larger almond-shaped eyes with expanded irises and pupils. The iris is a multitude of colours, swirling together in a pearlescent blur. Vysian ears are longer and pointed, and they have sharp teeth which betray their carnivorous nature. The have fingernails with deeper attachments, and that extend longer and form a sharp point. They have perfectly smooth, soft, and almost glistening skin that allows them to sense changes in air currents, temperature, and humidity. Their skin tones have a greater range than humans. Their eyes allow them to see an extended range of the electromagnetic spectrum as compared to humans, and their ears give them a wider, and longer, hearing range. Vysian are build for speed.

F’eri is five-foot-six, with light beige skin, short beige-red hair, and eyes that lean toward blue-green. Her hair has a longer lock on the left side, attached to the end of which sit two beads: one blue, one green. Fe’ri wears thin silk-like clothing, and it covers not much of her body, allowing her to take full advantage of her race’s naturally sensitive skin. She is considered quite attractive for her race.

F’eri came from a fairly successful clan on her home planet of Vysia. She was sent off at age four to train under a legendary master of the Kiftthi’ku martial art, widely known on her planet. She trained for 16 years under her strict teacher, and on her 20th birthday, today, is leaving on a pilgrimage − left with none of her initial money or belongings, save for a few useful items. Through her trainings she gained the nickname F’eri-wings from her peers, a comment on her graceful twisting through the air making her seem like she was a faery testing her wings (she also seems to have a liking of using her two blades to stab her poor enemies in the shoulder-blades, which when removed make blood ‘wings’. But that is besides the point).

Describing Kiftthi’ku:
This is a martial art suited specifically for Vysian. It focuses on quick, sudden, movements as well as long, flowing, almost dance-like ones. The continuous alteration between the two keeps the enemy on edge, and uncertain of what will happen next. On the flipside they are taught how to watch closely, and memorize the enemy’s movement and attack patterns. Kiftthi’ku students are taught how to use any area in which they may combat as an effective arena. They are taught how to move quickly and smoothly from point to point, similar to what one may learn if they knew Parkour. The techniques that a Kiftthi’ku student learns allow them to move their bodies so that to the unwise observer it may seem as if they simply disobey gravity for seconds at a time, in the way a cat may seem to do. The martial art teaches strikes with the hands, in many positions, as well as with the blades of the arms, heels, and knees. Students are taught how to redirect any attacks they may receive, and not to take them head on as Vysian cannot withstand the pain of many direct attacks due to their sensitive skin. Some advanced students may learn techniques concerning using the claw-like nails to inflict deadly puncture wounds. Knives and pistols are the only weapons employed by the martial art.

F’eri is bullish and straight-forward. Easy to entertain, and enjoys a wide variety of foods − although she prefers subtle tastes and her sensitive tongue will not allow her to eat strong foods without protest (though sometimes she tries anyway). She is extremely loyal to her friends and people she respects. She does not understand other-world politics at all and tries to apply her home planet’s strategies even when not appropriate. She enjoys talking to others, and if none are around to listen, herself. But on missions she becomes silent in her concentration. When she is deep in thought she will putz around with the beads in her hair. She is not a suspicious person, and makes friends quickly. But if you lose her trust you will never regain it. She has problems with blood.

F'erisl S'stylakn

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