Caedus (formerly of clan Erebus)


Race: Mandalorian
Age: 28
175 lbs
Short black hair, black eyes with a purple hue, angular face structure
Caedus always goes around in a black cloak that can be shrugged out in a hurry in combat, but otherwise keeps him nice and dry in a rainstorm and makes him look suitably mysterious. He is equipped with light armor made out of tightly woven fibers that approximate chain mail with a kevlar vest in durability. The armor consists of a breastplate and greaves. He also wears a lightly armored mask/helmet with built-in HUD and universal translator, also with optional night vision. His weapons include a powered vibro-blade that vibrates at very high speed that allows it to cut much more effectively than a normal blade. it requires a large amount of energy however and will need to replace the power pack after a single use. He is also equipped with a secondary melee weapon in blaster knuckles that essentially function as ranged energy weapons that you need to punch someone to use on his off-hand. He is also equipped with a standard energy pistol for ranged combat. in addition he has a small kukri sidearm. His other equipment includes a small number of flashbang grenades and mines, as well as a first aid kit.
Perception (d6)
Agility (d8)
Health (d8)
Knowledge (d10)
Strength (d12)
People Skills (d20)

Magic – Demonic (d12)


Caedus hails from the planet Mandalore: a planet where war and combat are everything. Everything that can be achieved and that is valued occurs through combat. In this particular philosophy the Mandalorians see war as a way of testing yourself, pushing your potential to its upper limit, so it is important to make the distinction between this philosophy and what is commonly known as evil. Due to this world view Mandalorians view weakness with contempt and naturally Caedus is no different. He will not go out of his way to help somebody in need if they ask him and is unmoved by pleas for mercy as he believes they are lower than insects for even asking. " If you help the weak, what can it bring but more weakness?" This characteristic coupled with his high natural perception and mental and physical health makes him particularly suited for interrogation (d8) both in resisting and giving.
Running parallel to their lust for war, Mandalorian honor is also legendary and is normally gained through combat. straight up combat gains more honor than stabbing something in the back and lying is more dishonorable than that. Though Caedus’s powers are considered dishonorable by his fellow Mandalorians, he seeks to retain his honor by putting all of it on his word; if Caedus is going to betray you, he’ll tell you first.
Mandalorian government is organized into clans, one of which (Erebus) is the one Caedus formally belonged to. HE was exiled from his clan after coming into his demonic magic that kills through lightning so he now goes by simply Caedus without the normal clan surname. There is a myth that persists about an ancient race that had the power that Caedus manifests and so he seeks to emulate them, both in appearance and philosophy. through laborious research Caedus was able to piece together their code which goes as follows:
Peace is a lie, there is only passion.
Through passion, I gain strength.
Through strength, I gain power.
Through power, I gain victory.
Through victory, my chains are broken.
The Force shall free me.
What this “force” is is still unclear to Caedus.
Most of Caedus’s skill set are a direct result of his being a Mandalorian. They begin Military training at an early age and his training lasted for a good 15 years of his early life. He tended to concentrate his studies in melee combat, training both with blades (including vibro-blades) (d10) and unarmed combat (d10), which includes his blaster knuckles. he has normal training in the use of his pistol *(d12) and very basic training in the use of his demolitions, both in *grenades (d20) and mines (d20, and in battlefield first aid (d20). Outside of this required military training he was able to become reasonably proficient in the maintenance of his equipment and the mechanical workings of things, in fact he could work as a part-time mechanical engineer (d12). His unusually high agility and health are also a result of the amazing military training of the Mandalorian military (as almost anyone on Mandalore is apart of the Military.
All in all, Caedus is not a very nice person or easy to get along with. He is interested first and foremost in his own interests and absolutely despises weakness. However if you can prove your strength, Caedus will respect it, and for this reason you will find that Caedus doesn’t hold any grudges against any enemies he may encounter if they are able to beat him. For all of that Caedus also isn’t the type of person to delight in random cruelty like torturing innocents and shooting random people for giggles as those acts serve no purpose and gain you no honor. Caedus is, in a word (or two) Honorable Evil.

Caedus (formerly of clan Erebus)

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