Alexia Stillwell

After reaching the top of her field, she left the corporate world work to work for The Dude.


General hacking D8, advanced knowledge of megacorporations networks and security protocols D8, cyberspace “combat” D8, VI programming D10, basic self-defense D10.


Alexia was born on the capital planet of one of the most affluent galaxies in the universe. As a young girl she showed exceptional mental and physical talents. She was recruited by one of the megacorporations based on the planet. After a short stint in the company’s special forces training program she was discharged because of [redacted] and moved to the companies cyber crime defensed division. She had a distinguished career over the next 10 years retiring at the age of 25 to pursue personal interests. The Dude recently convinced her to leave retirement and work for his organization.

Alexia Stillwell

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