Bounty Hunter III

The end of the second mission start the third.

One planet down, a hell of a lot more to go.

(Mau) Mautrylic Baytt aka Mau and Meizya were mysteriously kidnapped by demonic portals.

Tret, a new team member recently recruited by The Dude had a meeting with his new employer. When it became clear the team’s current mission will take longer than was originally anticipated, The Dude sent Tret to meet with the team on placeholder.

The wall of the maintenance tunnel exploded, filling the hallway with wispy black smoke, and exposing a portal with a long armed demon minion emerging from it. At the same moment, Fenki Tarshi, aka Rat, fell from a portal in the ceiling. She immediately jumped up and after a short skirmish killed the demon minion. The rest of the wall crumbled away exposing more portals, all spewing demon minions. Rat, F’erisl S’stylakn, aka F’eri, and Alexia Stillwell all attempted to flee the tunnel, but they were quickly subdued by Emperor entertainment security automatons responding to the disturbance.

After a quick talk with security, the three team members were cited for breaking entertainment complex rules and charged a small fine. They where then released outside the complex with the rest of the people who had been evacuated. The Dude instructed the team to watch local media and use whatever other methods they could come up with to figure out exactly what was happening inside the entertainment complex. The complex was in full lockdown and no one would say a word about what was going on inside.

F’eri set about using her VI system to scour local media, Jack and Alexia returned to the hotel to relax. Rat met with a local group of adrenaline junkies hoping to talk them up for information. While at the meeting she attempted a very dangerous jump from one of the Metropolis planets spires. She had a mishap on the way down resulting in the loss of an arm. Thanks to the heroics of one the other jumpers, she did not fall to her death. After some wrangling with The Dude over medical care costs, she entered a 12 hour surgery to regrow her arm.

Thanks to some new video that had been leaked to the media, it became clear that this was much more than a simple anomaly. The inside of the entertainment complex was being ripped apart by invading demon minions. The Dude instructed the team to leave the planet as soon as Rat was out of surgery. He told them to pass the time trying to figure out the extent of the invasion.

Tret arrived on the planet. After a short encounter with Jack who had been drinking and was irresponsibly intoxicated, he joined F’eri and they set out to infiltrate the entertainment complex and find the extent of the damage. After entering the building through a low-level maintenance tunnel, they discovered squads of soldiers holding off waves of demonic minions. They also discovered that the inside of the building was being torn apart by demonic portals.

The demonic portals began to spread outside of the entertainment complex, and panic rapidly seized the district. The terrified masses attempted to flee to the spaceport. Tret and F’eri rushed towards the hospital to retrieve Rat mid-surgery, and get off of the planet. After the team collected Rat it became apparent that they would not be able to get into the spaceport due to the massive human gridlock surrounding it. The team contacted The Dude who was able to arrange for a freelance pilot to pick them up and get them off world. On the way off world Rat rescued a nondescript woman with her grappling gun. The team flew away from the planet just in time as its surface was consumed by seething masses of demonic portals. They dropped woman at a nearby space station.

The team met with The Dude back at his mansion on Rysios 4. He informed the team he needed them to run down another lead on his old friend Mitch Zotto. This time the mission would be investigating Zotto’s home.

Upon arriving on the planet placeholder, the team started by hacking into government records see if Mitch Zotto had any family living in his residence on the planet. Alexia was able to loop the feed of the cameras on the outside of local government records building, allowing F’eri and Rat to take down the security guard patrolling the perimeter. As Tret and Jack infiltrated the building, Rat and F’eri took the unconscious security guard back to his residence, leaving him there.

With the help of Tret’s pet lizard the infiltration team was able to incapacitate the record building receptionist and give Alexia access to her terminal. She was quickly learned that Zotto’s wife and two children still lived in the residence on the planet.

When they first arrived at the Zotto residence, they spoke with the familys’ servant who informed them that Mr. Zotto had been missing for about two weeks. She also said that Mr. Zotto’s wife Margaret would not be home from work until later that day. As the team waited for Zotto’s wife to return, Alexia hacked their home network revealing that over the last two weeks Zotto had been sending strange, garbled e-mails to his wife.

After a brief meeting with Margaret. The team learned that Zotto had left two weeks earlier to check on a branch of his import-export business on an industrial world called Zennin.

The team took the short spaceship flight to the planet Zennin. After inquiring at an information kiosk in the spaceport, the team set out to investigate the Emperor Entertainment Suits he had checked into. Rat on the other hand set off to explore a tip she had gotten about a place to “have fun” in the nearby workers habitation block.

Upon locating Zotto’s room in the hotel with the help of the manager, the team discovered it had been ransacked. Strange runes had been cut into the furniture. Wherever the wallpaper had been ripped away, the walls were bleeding, as if the wallpaper had been skin. But perhaps the oddest thing about the room was that the bed was completely untouched.

When Tret ripped the blankets off the bed, runes that had been cut into the mattress burst into flame conjuring a shadowy apparition. The specter proceeded to deliver a message of doom and the end of all reality, as it attacked the group with energy beams. Jack tried to disrupt the runes by shooting them. Tret dumped the blankets he pulled off the bed into the bathtub soaking them in bloody water and then tossed them on the bed to extinguish the fire.

Rat tracked down the address she had been given and discovered it was a den of brain tappers. She decided the practice looked too sedentary for her tastes, and set off to rendezvous with the team at an address they discovered, scribbled frantically in blood, at the foot of the bed in Zottos hotel room.

The team met up close to the address they had found. It was a small shack just off the edge of one of the hab blocks. As they approached the shack something began slowly opening the door from the inside.

Mau and Meizya are still MIA at the time this log was finished.


Very nice! You ‘forgot’ to mention the stripper :P
There were more than a couple mistakes here, so I’m thinking I’ll just copy this, make the changes, and then send you the file so you can update it instead of typing out all the changes here.
There it is. Items have been crossed out instead of being removed, and comments have been added (I didn’t say useful comments). Links got altered and will have to be manually replaced. God I love Google Docs.


Glad you like it. I fixed the 2 errors I could see let me know if I missed any. And I have no idea what stripper you’re talking about. =P


I’m actually kinda glad we went MIA before we finished the second mission. 0.o
And whats this mention of a stripper?
brain tappers? What?
Sunday is too far away! D:


We should be the ones opening the door! :D


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