Bounty Hunter III

New Faces

"Get out or the energy cannons may be the next thing to malfunction"

As most of the team waited for Fenki Tarshi aka Rat, F’erisl S’stylakn aka F’eri, and Alexia to return from the military base, placeholder (Joey’s character) was grabbed by a strange portal. (Mau) Mautrylic Baytt aka Mau was also consumed by a portal, which saved him from the assassin who had been about to stab him in the back. After a short violent skirmish Tret and Jack were able to kill the assassin but not before it mutilated Meizya’s torso, putting him in critical condition.

F’eri and Alexia were apprehended by the hover plane as they fled from the base. Rat was able to slip away into the hills thanks to her natural camouflage. The rest of the team back at the spaceport was taken into custody a short time later. The entire team with the exception of Rat were imprisoned until The Dude’s newest hire, a hacker named placeholder (Madeline’s character) was able to manipulate the Vonwaz government systems and had the team pardoned. As law-enforcement officials grudgingly transported the team out of the system of planets, an airlock malfunction caused Jack to be sucked out into space, killing him. Rat had to buy her way off world on a merchant ship.

The team made the trip to meet up with The Dude and deliver the document they had stolen. Rat received a message from the universe’s foremost group of professional thrill seekers offering her a position on their tour. Rat immediately accept the position and said her goodbyes to the team as she left to begin her new career. Alexia also received word that because The Dude had hired a new hacker to work with the team she had been transferred to a different part of his organization. She also said her goodbyes and left.

When the team arrived at The Dude’s luxury housing at the top of one of the spires on a Metropolis planet, they met the two new team members The Dude had arranged to replace Jack and Rat. Placeholder (Brenan’s new character) and placeholder (Matthew’s new character). They also met the hacker who had saved them and would be joining the team.

After a couple days off The Dude told the team he would be sending them into an alternate dimension to get the document they had stolen translated. The teleportation ritual went off without a hitch and the team found themselves, to their surprise, in an idyllic forest meadow. F’eri used her powers to teleport into the air and spotted a castle in the distance that seemed to be in flames but was not smoking at all. The team decided to head towards the anomaly, but on the way they were attacked by four demonic snakes. The snakes’ backs were covered in long spines. Whenever the snakes bit into their prey they began to puff up and became explosive. After the team defeated the snakes they collected themselves, treated their wounds, and prepared to head off towards the castle.

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