Bounty Hunter III

Meeting The Dude and the first job.

The adventure began with five unsuspecting young people receiving messages from a mysterious Mr. D. The message promised work if the recipients reported to the planet Djungel 2. The five adventurers who received these fateful messages were Fenki Tarshi aka Rat, F’erisl S’stylakn aka F’eri , (Mau) Mautrylic Baytt aka Mau, Jack and Meizya. Upon arrival at The Dude’s mansion on Djungel 2 the adventurers met Mr. D aka The Dude and his younger sister Hannah. The Dude informed them that he needed them to go to the ancient and mostly uninhabitable Metropolis planet Colony One to retrieve a ancient beverage from the long defunct food processing sector.

The team rested that night and started the long trip to Colony One the next morning. When they arrived on the planet the team purchased the licenses and hazmat equipment they would need to leave the safe zone. They were able to locate two possible factories that could manufacture the beverage The Dude requested they retrieve.

The team decided to split up sending Rat and F’eri to investigate an ancient protein shake factory. Mau, Jack and Meizya set off to investigate an archaic soda factory. the investigation of the shake factory ultimately proved fruitless and ended abruptly when the other team was attacked by a cultist and his pet robot in the soda factory. Exploring an upper floor of the building Meizya found the cultist sleeping in an office, when Jack attempted to investigate further the robot struck him in the head destroying his helmet and knocking him unconscious. It then chased Meizya down a hallway, catching up to and slamming him into the wall. Mau heard the sounds of the combat and rushed over to see what was happening. Arriving at a perfect moment to distract the cultist and robot long enough to allow Meizya to shoot the cultist in the back with his energy pistol, killing him instantly and setting his corpse on fire. Then fry the robots sensory node causing it to flail about on the floor.

Rat and F’eri arrived on the scene minutes later and Rat was able to apply the necessary first aid to Jack to prevent his injury from becoming more serious. In the cultists room the team found several tomes full of runes that cause them to become sick to their stomach if they studied them. Rat would later remove the tomes and take them with her from the planet. The team was able to get the factory’s main plant up and running. Making several bottles of the precious soda.

As the team moved back through the ruins towards the safe zone, Jack fell to his knees blood gushing from the wound on his head. some of the more observant team members noted a small chip of metal fall from the wound land on the ground, it grow and changed into a round monster the size of a small beach ball with masses of tentacles protruding from it and one glaring eye. ( Okay that sounds really funny when I write it out like this). The team engaged the monster in what was at first a indecisive battle, neither Rat nor F’eri could land a decisive blow with their blades, the monster was also unable to inflict any wounds with it spiked tentacles. The rest of the group was either hiding or unable to get a clear shot with their guns due to the melee. finally at almost the same time Rat and F’eri both struck decisive blows killing the monster and spraying all those in close proximity with a thick black blood like substance, a substance that stained Jack’s unprotected face as he had recently charged in to join the melee. As the defeated monster fell to the ground it melted away before the groups eyes.

Upon arrival back at the safe zone the group received necessary treatment for the exposure to radiation and toxic chemicals. Jack received medical treatment for his head wound, but the doctor could not remove the black staining from his face. The team made it back to The Dude, who was very happy with the soda they had retrieved him. He then told the team that this had been a test of their capabilities and a willingness to stick with the seemingly pointless contract. He also explained that he would help the adventurers gain special powers if they agreed to work exclusively for him. As the team contemplated if they wanted to accept this life changing offer, Rat decided to base jump off the side of The Dudes mansion into the dangerous jungle below. After an awkward landing she had a close encounter with a troop of Pygmy Drooltrap Monkeys, but was able to escape unharmed and returned to the mansion. All the members of the team agreed to accept The Dudes offer, and began to undergo the various rituals. But that’s a story for a different entry.

The end, for now.


To note, you forgot some details, but I guess they weren’t overly important. Its not like anyone needs to know that Mau found a dead cultist way before Jack and the other ran into the other one.


remove the black standing from his face

I expect you meant ‘staining’?
Aside from that, and a couple small grammatical errors, I found this titillating. Wonderful recap.


But that story for a different entry.

‘But that is a story for a different entry.’


I tried to just recap the big stuff that effected the story, and Brenan’s jump cuz i can’t not talk about the drooltrap.

Am i the only one who can edit this? cuz if not feel free to fix the Obvious stuff, just don’t restructure sentences or anything.


Sadly, I am unable to edit anything not made by me that is not a wiki entry, otherwise I would have already edited it :C


Weak, in that case thanks for pointing that stuff out and im glad you like it.


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