Bounty Hunter III

Downtime and the start of the second job

After undergoing the various rituals to receive their supernatural powers, and appearing back in the real world. With the exception of Fenki Tarshi aka Rat who was kidnapped by a strange force just before the training began. The heroes were all instructed to report to The Dude’s mansion on Rysios 4. The team was informed that they would need to pick a tech expert to join them. The dude presented them with three possible candidates Jim Marcus,Xavier Hendrix and Alexia Stillwell. After some debate the team decided on Alexia because of her background in the corporate world and knowledge of VI programming.

(Mau) Mautrylic Baytt aka Mau and Meizya both decided to explore the mansion. Finding several strange artifacts, A very dangerous placeholder garbage disposal, and a moving tapestry that attempted to consume anything that touched it.

F’erisl S’stylakn aka F’eri and Jack decided to go to the pub in the quaint village just down the road from the mansion. At the pub they sampled local beers and meat pies. Mau was practicing his acrobatics and parkour on the buildings in the village drawing a lot of funny looks from the villagers. After their meal F’eri and Jack stopped into one of the tourist shops in the village. Somewhere along the line they decided to go hunting, and purchased several books to help with this endeavor.

Not long after they entered the forest F’eri and Jack discovered a Sabertooth Bear. F’eri attempted to sneak up on the animal while Jack covered her with his submachine gun. The sabertooth noticed F’eri at the last moment in the fight began. After a short scuffle with F’eri in which they treated wounds, Jack opened fire striking the bear in the head. As the melee continued the sabertooth eventually knocked F’eri to the ground and proceeded to bull rush the annoying man who had been pestering it with a submachine gun. While this first rush was unsuccessful, the bear eventually managed to pin Jack to a tree goring him in the process. After several more unsuccessful attempts to shoot and stabbed the animal by the hunters. Jack called upon his supernatural abilities, and shot a beam of death into the bears head. This finally did the beast in. With the help of some of The Dude’s robots, Jack who was unconscious due to massive gut trauma and the corpse of the Sabertooth Bear were moved back to The Dude’s mansion. The team dined on a three-course dinner of bear that night.

The next morning The Dude briefed the team on the next job he had for them. The Dude told them he believed an old friend of his was in trouble. The last contact he had with the man was a video of somebody scratching demonic symbols in the service tunnels of a large casino in the entertainment district of the metropolis world placeholder.

The team arrived at the casino after an uneventful trip. The casino or entertainment complex was a massive building owned by the Emperor Entertainment. It contained several different hotels, gambling floors, high quality restaurants, bars and clubs.

The first door the team found into the maintenance tunnels was guarded by an Emperor entertainment security automaton® (hereafter referred to as security bots). F’eri used her supernatural powers and, after a slight mishap, teleported into the maintenance tunnel leaving a confused security bot behind her.

Mau stood there bewildered by the bright lights and loud music of the gambling floor. Meizya and Alexia attempted to hack the security panel of the second maintenance door they had found. When Alexia’s attempt at a quick manual hack failed Meizya instructed her to set a fire in the destroyed panel. Meanwhile Meizya and Jack worked to distract the two security bots who had been alerted. They convinced the security bots that an electrical explosion occurred in the panel and received complementary slot machine play for their trouble.

Mau overcame his bewilderment and attempted to con his way into a kitchen in the complex. This attempt started out very well thanks the stupidity of a certain waiter. But came to an end when the chef requested to see his entertainment complex credential. Mau claimed he was looking for work and the chef directed him to the HR department.

As F’eri explored the maintenance tunnels of the entertainment complex, she encountered a maintenance robot. The robot instructed her to remain calm and it would escort her to the exit. After several attempts to teleport out of the robots vision with mixed results, it instructed her to stay put and called security.

Back on the main gambling floor of the entertainment complex Jack created a distraction by complaining to a floor manager about glitches with a security bots. This allowed Meizya and Alexia to hack the control panel and slip into the maintenance tunnels. In the tunnels they found a security terminal, which Alexia was able to hack and shut down the robots that had taken F’eri into custody. She was also able to download floor plans of the complex and send them to all of the team members.

Upon receiving these floor plans and being free from the security bots F’eri took off running towards the point that the demonic etching message had been sent from. Meizya and Alexia followed, now escorted by the hacked maintenance robot.

When he arrived at the HR department Mau was told the casino needed a dancer in one of its clubs. He excepted the job. After a failed attempt to con his way into the maintenance tunnels set off to meet his new employers.

When F’eri arrived at the spot the message was sent from she found the etchings on a pipe running along the ceiling, along with some bloodstains on the floor. She also noticed a spiderweb pattern of cracks in the wall which seem to be moving, shaking loose pieces to reveal a black spot behind the wall. As Meizya Alexia and their hacked maintenance robot rounded the corner and entered the hallway the black spot on the wall exploded outwards violently.

Rat is still MIA at the time this log was finished.


Aside from some incorrect words, this was a very complete re-telling of the gameplay. If I could edit it I would go through, but it’s too much of a pain to find and type it all out here. If I’m feeling up to it I may make a copy and edit it, then email it to you for review. Well done, as usual. As one note, Matt was going to go find a gun store, but I convinced him to stay and help us out if we needed it.


I love how Mau is off doing is own thing.

Oh, and I would like to dedicate this comment to Angus. :) He shall forever be known as meat.


You didn’t mention that Mau had acquired a mixing spoon from the kitchen! That could come in handy one day!!


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