Bounty Hunter III

Unfortunate mishaps with explosives

Team Cube!

As the team approach the shack (Mau) Mautrylic Baytt aka Mau and Meizya came tumbling out portals, they both immediately got up and rejoined the group. Everyone seemed relatively unfazed by their reappearance. When the team entered the shack, they were greeted by a grisly sight: Bodies with their torsos split open lined the walls. Mitch Zotto was huddled over a makeshift table scratching runes into a piece of leather. After a short exchange in which he claimed to be a minion of a demon, he attacked the team Fenki Tarshi aka Rat and F’erisl S’stylakn aka F’eri engaged him in a melee that lasted a few seconds until Jack leveled his rifle and blew off Zotto’s head.

The sound of the rifle shot alerted local authorities. The Dude told the team he wanted the body, so they worked quickly to recover it and get off Zennin without being apprehended. Meizya made a bomb and left the shack with Rat to try and get one of the brain tappers to take the explosive device to a nearby tram station and detonated it to cause a distraction. As Meizya was putting the finishing touches on the trigger Rat noticed a squad of Pro-Crop soldiers moving down the street towards the shack. She told Meizya to set the explosives on a short fuse and run, this spooked Meizya, and he set the explosives to detonate immediately. He just managed to hurl the bomb away before it detonated.

The soldiers quickly apprehended Meizya, unconscious and severely injured. They also stopped Rat as she attempted to flee the scene. The soldiers took Mau into custody when he wandered into the street. Rat, Meizya and Mau were held by the soldiers until their identities could be confirmed. They then made a stop by the med clinic to get Meizya the emergency medical care he needed. After that they made their way to the spaceport.

Jack, F’eri, and Tret fled the shack, and using a roundabout way made it to the shopping district that surrounded the spaceport. F’eri teleported inside the spaceport that had been locked down because of the explosion. Once she had made her way to the team’s ship, she was told by a mechanic no launches would be allowed until the lock down had been lifted. She was able to talk the mechanic into arranging a meeting with the spaceport manager, she had the manager call The Dude who was able to convince him to allow the team to leave Zennin.

Tret made his way into the back of a restaurant to try and find some large wrappings for the body. Jack entered the front of the restaurant and attempted to cause a distraction by talking to the matre d’, when it became apparent this distraction plan was not working he gave up and left. Tret was able to find some wrappings for large pieces of meat, he concealed the body and left the restaurant without incident. Tret and Jack joined the rest of the team at the spaceport and left the Zennin to meet up with The Dude on his boat on the largely water covered planet placeholder.

During this meeting The Dude introduced the team to yet another new member named placeholder. He also briefed the team on the next job which would involve going to the Vonwaz system, and stealing a piece of information from before the dark age. The alien race that inhabits the Vonwaz system are extremely insular, not allowing any communication with the rest of the galaxy from their planets. They only deal with outsiders to trade in rare resources and valuable pieces of information or art from before the dark age.

The team decided to pose as a group of guards and art critics who made purchases for The Dude through the fictitious group D Industries. The Dude set up a 12 billion credit account for D industries, legitimizing the teams cover.

After a brief meeting with an ambassador from the Vonwaz government, the team was cleared and proceeded to the planets surface. They got their bearings on the surface and collected information on the military base they would have to infiltrate. Several team members decided to go shopping, F’eri bought some close to help blend in with the populace. Meizya found a junk shop, as he was going over the merchandise one of the items he picked up, a strange cube covered in little lines and circles, stuck to his hand. When he was unable to remove the cube the store owner sold it to him, and he returned to the ship.

The team come up with a plan that involved splitting into three groups, the members of group one; Rat, F’eri, and Alexia would infiltrate the military base and steal the document from before the dark age. The members of group two; Mau, Jack, and placeholder would visit the art galleries in the city to maintain groups cover as prospective buyers. The members of group three; Mau, and Tret decided to stay on the ship and try to figure out what the prepuce of the strange cube was. The first thing he discovered was that the cube seemed to be bound to him somehow, no other group member could so much as lift it off the ground. The cube would also follow Meizya around, it even punched through the door of the ship’s safe when he locked it inside.

Group one made the trek to the isolated military base. When they arrived, they decided to enter through an emergency exit on the roof. F’eri teleported past the rooftop trap door, and used her VI to help Alexia hack a security terminal and disable the alarm built into the rooftop emergency exit. Rat disabled the laser grid guarding the roof with her supernatural power and rushed inside. Alexia remained outside in the hills to provide support. Disaster nearly struck when a security team was dispatched to look into why the security grid on the roof had gone off-line. Luckily, thanks to the short duration of Rat’s power the grid came back online quickly, and the security patrol was called back.

Group two decided to start their search in one of the upscale galleries. In the first gallery, a piece titled The Destruction of Old Terra, priced at 5 billion credits, caught their eye. It was a three-part holographic artwork that depicted an artist’s imagining of the legendary planet in its heyday, as a corrupted, dying world, and finally crumbling away into nothingness. The group seriously contemplated buying this piece, but decided to put a hold on it and check another gallery.

After fiddling with the cube and discovering that strange lines and circles that covered the outside could be turned into demonic runes, group three tried heating the cube which resulted in the runes glowing. It also caused the cube to shake, and cracks appeared on the surface. After several other experiments, one of which involved attempting to smash the cube with a hammer, resulting in the hammer shattering and a defiantly intact cube. The team finally decided to heat the cube for an extended period of time to see what would happen. After prolonged exposure to a heat source the increasingly violent shaking and cracking resulted in the cube spraying metal fragments around the room, some of these struck Meizya in the face, causing large purple welts.

Rat planted explosives in some offices on the top level. The group then proceeded towards the basement of the military compound where the document was in storage. Thanks to a stroke of good luck most of the base personnel were at lunch, making this part of the infiltration mission very easy. As Rat and F’eri searched the storage room for the document, someone in the base finally noticed them. Rat hit the trigger for the explosives she had planted, but something went wrong and nothing happened. A security team burst into the room and Rat and F’eri, who had just found the document, fled out a door on the other side of the storage area. As they rounded a corner they came face-to-face with most of the base personnel that had just finished lunch, after a moment of staring at each other in confusion, Rat and F’eri sprinted off in the other direction. Alexia told them that the base had initiated a lock down and they would have to follow her instructions to get back to the top level.

As Rat and F’eri arrived on the top level, they were confronted by one of the special forces soldiers garrisoned in the base. The man was staggering along the hallway in full combat armor carrying a heavy energy pistol. He had large, purple-tinted burns across his face. He engaged the duo in combat, lashing out with strikes imbued with demonic fire. After a short vicious melee in which both sides exchanged wounds, they were able to kill the soldier and make their escape through the roof of the base and into the hills. As they fled, they heard the ominous sound of a hover plane’s engine starting.

Team two found another piece in the second gallery they surveyed. This one was an extremely detailed holographic image. An artists imagining of ancient periods on Old Terra. Priced at 10 billion credits, It was titled Points in the Desert. The team decided to buy this extremely valuable piece of art, then returned to the ship. Groups two and three were resting on the ship waiting for group one, when Meizya noticed an assassin who had just disengaged a stealth field was about to stab Mau in the back.

Here is a link to the google doc if you see anything that needs fixing. Be nice I work hard on this stuff. =D


Hmmmm, I don’t want to click the link for the mistakes….But I will point out that after the first time of spelling my characters name… spelt it wrong. It’s Meizya! D:

That cube is nothing but trouble. Evil. Not helpful what so ever. AT ALL.

Demonic Fire? o.0


Wow I guess that’s what I get for trying to spell it off the top of my head, I think I got all of them.

That cube is AWESOME!! Team cube for life!

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