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Bounty Hunter III takes place a year or so after the point were we had to stop playing Bounty Hunter II. The Dude needs a new team. And you guys, all just out of school and broke, get the call.

The Game is set in the far far future and spans the universe. Because of this the laws and cultures encountered will be varied. (add more later)

Some of the laws of magic

All of these laws are absolute and may not be circumvented in any way.

Universal laws of magic.

Demonic and angelic magic may never coexist peacefully within the same object or person.

The laws of demonic magic.

Demonic magic must be used in a destructive or insidious way.

Demonic magic may never have an effect that lasts longer than roughly 30 seconds.

All demonic magics have roughly a 15 second cooldown. Using the magic again within this cooldown will constitute rapidfire use and results in the character having to make a health save, as well as the cooldown period increasing by roughly 15 seconds and increasing the difficulty of the health saves for each additional use during the cooldown.

The laws of angelic magic.

Angelic magic must be used in a way that empowers or helps someone.

These laws will be added to, updated, and changed at my discretion: the universe is a constantly shifting place.

Bounty Hunter III

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